Membership Fees and Requirements:

      Single Membership (must be 18 years old): $110.00 and 15 work hours yearly.
      Family Membership: $125.00 and 25 work hours yearly.
      Cash Membership (must be 18 years old): No work hours required.   $300.00 for a single membership.
Membership to Buck Trail Archers, Inc. offers many benefits and activities throughout the year.
Here is a sampling of some:
  • Unlimited use of indoor and outdoor ranges
  • Partial ownership of land, facilities and equipment
  • Reduced fees and priority for leagues
  • Newsletter or Meeting Information
  • Voting rights at club meetings
  • Awards
For More Information you can contact Call Ryan Lipstreuer@ (262)758-9887 or e-mail by clicking on the button below.  If the button does not work for you the e-mail addresses for