Buck Trail needs volunteers to keep the club going, your assistance is what makes the club GREAT!

Currently for the 2024 year the club needs help with leads for shoots and league workers.  Being a lead for a shoot is easy and fun.  For the leagues its just a matter of opening up and collecting payments, or possibly setup/tear down.  This is a great way to get your hours in! For more information on what is involved or if interested let Todd "the Pres" know, his contact info is  email: deerhunter4life37@yahoo.com or text/call  (262)758-0485.

 Open positions needing your help in 2024
  • Winter Indoor League Sunday setup each week before league
  • Winter Indoor League Monday to open, collect fees, serve drinks
  • Die Hard on Sunday mornings to open, collect fees, serve drinks
  • Paw Thaw Shoot lead
  • Anniversary Shoot lead

Additional Volunteer Opportunities
  • Snow Plowing The club is in need of someone to snow plow, if you are        interested please contact Todd @ 262-758-0485.
  • Painting There will be painting done at the club in November or December       please contact Stephanie Blazich if you can help out.