Archer shooting at a competition

Buck Trail Archer Competition Jerseys

Are you participating in competition shooting this year and need a club jersey to represent Buck Trail Archers? Now you can purchase one! Follow the directions listed below to order your custom club jersey.

Step 1

Click on the button below to follow the link to the jersey builder.

Select the Pro Style Short Sleeve Jersey

Step 2

Click on the Green Button; Design Selection Complete

Step 3

Click on the Green Button; Color Selection Complete

Step 4

Click on the Green Button; Logo Selection Complete

Please create an account if you have not done so yet on the new website.

Step 5

Copy and Paste the order number info into the “Additional Information Box” to add your order to the Buck Trail Archers group order:

Order# 1000011529

Make sure you add your order to the club group order as it will help to reduce your individual jersey price.

Step 6

Add Names, Sizes, and Quantities on the same page

Step 7

Click on the Add to Cart Button

Step 8

Please review the items in your cart and click on the Proceed to Checkout button.

Step 9

Review the timeline for orders and click Continue

Step 10

This will take you to the checkout page to complete and place your order.

Click on the button below to see an example of the completed jersey design.

If you have any questions, contact either Vice President Ryan Lipstreuer (262-758-9887) or David Rife (262-581-3985) by phone.

Buck Trail Archers Competition Jerseys
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