Cleaning up trash inside of the woods.

Broom IconKeeping Club Spaces Clean

When you visit or use the Buck Trail Archers clubhouse or outdoor space, it is important to take care of the spaces that you use.

Mud Tracking

If you track mud into the clubhouse from outside, please wipe and clean the marks on the floor and make sure not to track them through the entire building. If you make any other spills or messes in or out of the clubhouse, please address and clean up the mess.

Mud covered sneakers stepping in a patch of mud.
Three Commercial Garbage and Recycling Bins in the Woods.

If the garbage bins are overflowing, please take the trash to the bins outside of the clubhouse. Additionally, if you find any trash on the ground, please don’t forget to pick it up and dispose of it.

Thank you for keeping our spaces clean for everyone to use!
Keeping Club Spaces Clean
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